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Thank you for your explaining how leveled texts and complex texts are both needed. I'm a 2nd year teacher and I currently work with someone who does not believe this. I think your article might help show her why leveled readers are still important for students. My grade level team and I have tried to convince her of this but have failed to do so. However, we have only been given a copy of Appendix B and we were told it is not really necessary to read Appendixes A or C. After reading your last comment, it shows me that I do need go look up Appendixes A & C and read it.

Yes, I completely agree with this. Teaching students to read on their level isn't teaching them anything. Going to their frustration level while giving them reading skills does help them. the shift also needs to be made to more non-fiction books rather than just all fiction. Teaching text features while practicing reading strategies at their frustration level is the perfect match!

Thank you for this wonderfully insightful article. I agree with your statements of equal opportunities for reading complex text and leveled text for students. In the classroom it seems that without feelings of success students put themselves down and become a "can't" reader. Also I appreciate that you used the CCSS to address the needs of students in the reading domain.

I agree that there needs to be a balance between leveled texts and the more difficult texts presented in the Common Core. We do not want to deter students from reading by only working with challenging texts, but at the same time, we need to be sure to incorporate such texts to encourage and practice the use of higher-level thinking skills.

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