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There’s no doubt that the US needs to seriously get going on educational reform, but some of these figures have me second guessing their validity. Hanushek, Peterson, and Woessman (2012) found that when it comes to improvement, 24 countries were doing better than the U.S. If this includes developing countries, then that would not be fair. Of course they would be performing better, they have more to overcome. Thankfully, Zhao is helping us to see that maybe it is not as bad as it appears. At least Americans are still strong when it comes to innovation and creativity. He reminds us that these qualities, along with confidence, are likely to lacking in students from the countries with the highest scores. It’s these very qualities in Americans that have made the US the great and powerful country it is today. No country is without problems. Let’s just hope our politicians will take a serious look at studies like these and become more motivated to make positive changes with education.

It has been said that education is the answer for the global economic problem. After assessing the students performance in English, Science and Math, it can be associated with the economic situation of the country. Of course, if they have good performance academically, they would have guts and confidence to manage a business and know how to pursue his dreams.

Well this might be a wake up call for the government to prioritize education particularly the curriculum being imposed.

Well this might be a wake up call for the government to prioritize education particularly in scrutinizing the curriculum being imposed.

Great article is there any chance I can take it and copy it onto my own blog

Measuring students' performances is really a must in order for the educators to monitor and identify points of development. English proficiency, mathematical numeracy and science are considered as the bedrock to proficiency. That's why there is a need to closely monitor these areas to achieve our global vision in education.

The McRel Summit was excellent in presenting, in person,Yong Zhao, Eric Hanusek and many more...
Their passion and insight has already refocussed my thinking around school improvement, change and, my next steps!

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