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hello tom if your still around here is the contact
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I believe that it is the fault of all, parents, principles, teachers, and the students themselves. I wish we could come up with a solution, I know there is not a silver bullet, every student's situation is different. But too many students are not graduating.

Students do have a fair amount of responsibility for their grades. Yes, the home environment has a lot to do with self-esteem and confidence but students with positive living conditions also have to take their own tests and study for exams.

Attitude & curriculum needs to be addressed
much sooner than at the high school level. I
think relevant curriculum instead to the
generic liberal arts curriculum most school
districts use would help !!!!

As a teacher I have thought about some of the students who dropped out and wondered if I could have done more to encourage them. It seems to me that the biggest problem for those I know has been not the work load, but the outside forces beyond the control of the students or the school.

I agree. Just wanted to see if the blog works.

The intervention needs to start in Elementary and Middle school.

I beleive that change occurs more frequently and we need to adpat to change. We all need to be engaged and solve the problem and not point fingers.

I wonder what the 30% of students blamed for them not graduating.

I agree with you TWills!!!:)

change comes from within

There are many reasons why students drop out but realistically, many of them are out of the control of schools.

Cool Beans!

Thanks for your feedback!

Reasons for students to drop out from school varies. All are to blame.

Hot article

Yea, it works!

Seeing if my blog works

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